Android 4.0 ICS on Wyse Terminal

Today I used an old Wyse C10le to boot Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich from a 4GB bootable USB stick. This terminal had a corrupted firmware and failed to boot the Wyse OS, turned out that the flash based boot device was faulty. I thought it had good enough specs to try ICS on this device, with an x86 compatible VIA VX855 1GHz processor. I had to change the 512MB RAM to a 2GB PC2-6400 chip instead. 

The terminal booted fine first time round, a bit slow booting from USB but was nice to get a welcome screen asking me to set up what it thought was a tablet. Running Android on this Wyse was pretty useless, no network connectivity and very unstable. Scrolling through the menus with the mouse and keyboard was quite fast but running any application would make it painfully slow. Sound was very choppy and it failed to render any kind of video I tried to run. I can’t really think of any useful need for this device at the moment and I’ve got quite a few terminals kicking around. I’ve successfully ran a number of different linux distros including DSL, XBMC and Fedora on this Wyse, a few S10’s and a V10l. Don’t know what to do with them now……….

Hackaday Retro Challenge complete

I’ve finally completed the hackaday retro challenge using an old Compaq Armada 1500c running Windows 98, a pentium 2 processor and 32MB of RAM.

Because there was no built in modem, I used an external Phonicpro V.92 serial 56k fax modem. Getting drivers for this was a headache so I ended up opening it up to see that it was powered by a Conexant CX06827 chip. After a few google searches, I downloaded a driver from Zoomtel who make one based on the same chipset. I used a premium rate dialup internet service, hearing the connection sound brought me right back to the good old days of dialup. 

Here’s a photo of the old Armada booting up Windows 98!

I’m gonna keep my eye out in the store room for some other retro gear I can use to load up hackaday retro. Full Resolution images: Flickr

Oct 8
I made a logo for my new blog, thought I’d use my online handle to make something artistic. Came out much better than I thought!

I made a logo for my new blog, thought I’d use my online handle to make something artistic. Came out much better than I thought!

Oct 8


The remote control you smart little tumblrbot!

Oct 8

I finally signed up to tumblr - May the tinkering begin!

I’ve been itching to upload all the stuff I do while at work and home, always searching for how to do stuff but never putting up anything I do. I’m an avid reader of when I saw a challenge to load up their retro style site. I thought it was really cool but I realized that I need to start some kind of blog - tumblr seemed to be the best answer! Watch this space, I’m currently formatting a the harddrive on an old evesham laptop to load the good old Windows 95 plus! edition.